Monday, June 29, 2009

National Conference Call is tomorrow...

Please join us for our National Dairy Conference. Log on to for more information and the teleconference phone number. We can promote positive changes with long term effects such as the Dairy Price Stabilization Program. We can take ideas to enhance short term solutions and we can manage our industry. What we need to do is organize our efforts and lead our industry out of this crisis and into a new direction. How can we continue make our product, sell it for less than it costs to make it and yet we have 1 billion people going to bed hungry every night? Questions continue, but our direction is very clear. Do something! Doing nothing is an action unto itself. Too many of us are accepting the status quo, which can only lead to more farms selling out never to return. Vermont's landscape will be hit hard. Should we hold on for perfection? What on our dairies is perfect. We take used equipment and modify it until it works especially in these hard times. Do we wait unti we can purchase the top of the line brand new expensive model with all the bell and whistles? We have a program that can work, we have the ability to develop the details as it goes forward, what we don't have is the luxury to wait for that perfect plan that covers every wrong which exists in this complex industry.

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